June 4, 2024
What your body language says about you at interview

What your body language says about you in job interviews

Pictures speak louder than words…………………This is particularly true in an interview situation where body language plays a significant factor in determining whether an employer sees you as a trustworthy, confident, capable individual who has a future with their company.  Interestingly, research has shown that words by themselves account for only 7% of the impact of your message, a hefty 38% of the message is transmitted by tone of voice and the remaining 55% is communicated by body language.
June 4, 2024
10 reasons to use an interview coach

10 Reasons to Use an Interview Coach

Using the services of an interview coach has become very popular. Employers have become increasingly specific in their requirements and the most attractive companies have rigorous recruitment and selection processes creating a very competitive environment. It’s a very personal service which directly addresses why your interviews are not being turned into job offers and works with you to overcome these obstacles.
June 4, 2024
Interview Tip, What is your greatest weakness

How to answer the interview question “What is your Greatest Weakness?”

Why is this question asked?Like so many people, I used to cringe when asked this question and wondered how it could add value to the interview process.  After all, nobody in their right mind admits weaknesses in interview – do they?Interestingly, an employer can learn quite a lot by asking this question. Many times their interest does not lie in identifying the actual weakness…instead they want to see how self aware you are, if you are happy to maintain the status quo or if you are constantly looking for opportunities to learn and develop.
May 9, 2024
Interview Questions and Answers on Communications Skills and Dealing with Conflict

Interview Questions and Answers on Communication Skills and Dealing with Conflict

Once an employer is satisfied that you can do the job, they will focus their attention on your communication skills.  Specifically they’ll want to know how you’ll interact with colleagues/ senior management /customers, how skilled you are at resolving conflict and how adept you are in the art of negotiation.  By anticipating questions that will be asked, you can prepare examples that show your competency in these areas and prove that you are a great fit for the role.
May 8, 2024
Tips for Introverts at Interview

Job Interview Tips for Introverts

In a world where extrovert qualities are extolled, and society rewards those who are gregarious, dominant and comfortable in the spotlight; how can those of a quieter, more reflective disposition make an impact in interview and secure their career advancement.
May 8, 2024
How to inject passion into your job interview.

How to inject passion into your job interview

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.” E M Forster, novelist.Passion is a powerful force which allows us to perform at our best and achieve what we never thought was possible. It’s no wonder employers look for it in interviews.In my career as an executive coach, I’ve found that many of my clients struggle to show this side of their personality. Yet tapping into your energy flow is really important, as it builds a strong rapport with the hiring manager and influences key decisions in your favour.
May 8, 2024
What are your strengths?

How to answer the interview question – “What are your strengths?”

Although it is impossible to anticipate every interview question– being asked to describe your strengths is an old favourite and should be prepared for. As part of the recruitment process, employers will already have identified the essential qualities required in a prospective employee and by showing that your strengths compliment the job requirements, you will immediately stand out from the crowd.