May 9, 2024
Interview Questions and Answers on Communications Skills and Dealing with Conflict

Interview Questions and Answers on Communication Skills and Dealing with Conflict

Once an employer is satisfied that you can do the job, they will focus their attention on your communication skills.  Specifically they’ll want to know how you’ll interact with colleagues/ senior management /customers, how skilled you are at resolving conflict and how adept you are in the art of negotiation.  By anticipating questions that will be asked, you can prepare examples that show your competency in these areas and prove that you are a great fit for the role.
April 19, 2024
Ethics interview question

How to answer an interview question on ethics

How to answer an interview question on ethics. In today’s business landscape, reputation holds immense power when it comes to achieving success. A solid reputation sways customer loyalty, instills investor confidence, and impacts share prices. Stakeholders now place greater emphasis on trust, transparency, and ethical governance, and ESG considerations are […]
April 3, 2024
Answering the question, how well do you work under pressure

Interview Question “How well do you work under pressure?

How well do you work under pressure? Why do employers ask this question?In a period of economic instability, efficiency becomes a focal point for management and employees are often expected to take on more responsibility and a greater work load. Greater economic uncertainty means that traditional ways of operating are challenged, new ideas and practices are implemented; all of which creates unpredictability in what was previously a stable work environment.
March 12, 2024
how do you manage conflict

How to answer the interview question – How do you manage conflict?

Most people I coach find this question particularly challenging. They assume that the interviewer is looking for an example of a highly charged situation where there’s a complete breakdown of a relationship. Relax, your examples don’t need to have Hollywood style plots and drama. The key to answering this question well is simply replacing the world conflict with disagreement.  
March 4, 2024
Tips for Competency Interviews

What do employers look for in competency interviews?

Competency questions are still hugely popular and form part of most interviews. Whilst recent research has questioned their value in predicting success in fast moving environments (Harvard Business Review Feb 10th 2016), you’d be well advised to anticipate competency questions and have examples to hand.Here’s a few things to consider in the lead up to your interview: Be strategic with your examples:Review the last 5 years in your job, identify your biggest wins and build your examples around them. Choose examples that most closely align with your target role. For promotion interviews, try to choose examples where you’ve already “acted up” in your role – eg where you’ve deputised for your manager or taken a lead role in a project.