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How others perceive you is critical to your success. I work with you to uncover blind spots. I give you feedback on how you’re showing up and how your answers are landing on me. We work together to ensure you’re communicating in an impactful manner and creating connection.

Why invest in a coaching session?

Everybody has their own reason for doing a one-to-one interview coaching session.

These can include:

  • Knowing you’re really good at your job but not being able to express it.
  • Helping you understand what’s important to the hiring manager and tailoring your message accordingly.
  • Being frustrated seeing colleagues less capable than you getting promoted.
  • Allowing you prepare for your interview in an efficient manner, getting the maximum return on investment on your time.
  • Being out of interview practice and wanting to deliver with impact on the first strike.
  • Overcoming nerves.
  • Figuring out what competency questions are all about.
  • Being able to stand out in a highly competitive environment.

Whatever the reason, I can help.

Private Sector Job Interview Coaching Ireland
The Interview went well, I was happy as we’d covered most of the questions in our session. I got my strengths across well, and was able to answer unusual questions as I knew my CV inside out after out after our time together. Thanks so much, you really gave me the confidence I needed for the interview.

Una, High Tech Sector

I had a fantastic experience with Laura. Her guidance was invaluable in helping me not just prepare for interview but build my confidence also. Her personalised strategy including a recorded meeting and constructive feedback had me feeling very well prepared. No matter how well you 'think' you are prepared, you’re not until you have had professional coaching. Laura is genuinely the only person I can recommend. She is warm, friendly and an true mistress of her craft. Thank you Laura!

Sharon, Financial Services

What’s involved in a coaching session?

I consult with you prior to the session to discuss your specific needs and desired outcomes. Together, we delve into why you’re the ideal candidate for the job. I encourage you to explore how your contributions can enhance the hiring manager’s success by solving challenges and offering unique perspectives.

During the session, we do a mock interview where I provide real-time feedback on how your responses are perceived. We work collaboratively to ensure that your message is impactful and accurately conveys your intended meaning.

By the end of the session, you’ll have a clear understanding of the value you bring to the table. You’ll be able to effectively communicate the value you brought to previous employers and vividly illustrate how this can benefit your prospective employer. Ultimately, you will feel self-assured and well-prepared.

What specialist areas have I worked with?

Over the span of my career in recruitment I’ve worked with professionals across the following disciplines – finance, legal, human resources, aviation, logistics, sales & marketing, information technology and professional services.

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