Interview Coach

Laura McGrath

As an expert interview coach, I empower you in unleashing your full potential, enabling you to succeed even in demanding interview scenarios.

Interview Coaching

When we work together, I help you get intensely clear about your unique traits and how to convey them to your potential employer. I help you hone your interview skills through role-playing exercises that simulate an interview situation. Additionally, I ensure your words, wardrobe, and body language all work together to support your unique, professional presence. Finally, I teach you breathing and relaxation techniques that can help you stay confident and calm before and during your interview

Sessions typically last 2 hours, and can be done either face to face over virtually over Zoom.

We’ve an initial telephone consultation beforehand to discuss your specific needs and agree on what you want to achieve in our time together.

Secure the job of your dreams
and gain a competitive edge in your career
by partnering with me.

Invest in yourself and take control of your future.

68 Dame Street, Dublin 2