June 4, 2024
10 reasons to use an interview coach

10 Reasons to Use an Interview Coach

Using the services of an interview coach has become very popular. Employers have become increasingly specific in their requirements and the most attractive companies have rigorous recruitment and selection processes creating a very competitive environment. It’s a very personal service which directly addresses why your interviews are not being turned into job offers and works with you to overcome these obstacles.
April 18, 2024
how to answer the interview question - tell me about yourself

How to answer the interview question “Tell me about yourself”

This is a hugely popular interview question and at first glance looks little more than an “ice breaker”. In reality it’s probably one of the more challenging questions asked as it’s not immediately obvious what the interviewer is looking for. What do you focus on - your professional or personal life? How much detail should you give? How long should your answer be?