Public Sector Interviews

Public sector and civil service interviews are typically competency based and very structured in nature. To do well in these interviews requires a lot of preparation but the investment pays off.

Competency Interviews

In our coaching session, we’ll go through each competency in turn. We’ll review the answer you’ve submitted in your application form and will go through it in detail to strengthen it further and fill in any missing gaps. We’ll follow the STAR technique and give you guidelines as to what the interviewer is looking for in their answers.

I hadn’t realised how competency questions were marked and how important it was to fully address all of the details outlined in each competency. It was a really useful session with Laura – we went over each competency a few times until I was happy that my answers were clear, tight and well punctuated.
Mark, Dept Foreign Affairs

Role Play

We’ll video you answering each question to make sure your answers are delivered clearly and in a way that helps you capture full marks. There’s a lot of information you need to get across in a short period of time and it takes practice to achieve a fluid, well- structured response.

We’ll discuss how answers are typically evaluated by the interview panel to help ensure you achieve as high a score as possible. We’ll go through how candidates lose marks and how to avoid pitfalls.

Just to let you know I passed the interview and was placed 20th on the panel. Thanks a million for your help. You were a great help.
Bríd, Paramedic

Tips & Advice for Public Sector Interviews

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My only regret is not having gone earlier to Interview Techniques! I had been on the job market for over a year before going to Laura and was not sure where I was going wrong with my interviews.

Laura quickly saw where the problem was and she worked with me to fix it.

I got the first job interview I went to after our session.