Public Sector Interviews

Public sector and civil service interviews are typically competency based and very structured in nature. To do well in these interviews requires a lot of preparation but the investment pays off. As I’ve served on public sector interview panels I’ve a direct insight as to what it takes to score highly and succeed in this environment.

Competency Interviews

In our session together, I’ll explain the STAR technique and guide you on how to strategically choose examples to support your competencies. I’ll guide you on how your answers will be evaluated and highlight pitfalls to avoid. I’ll also give you tools to allow you construct your answer clearly, and deliver it in a fluid yet structured manner.

Clients I’ve worked with:

I’ve coached clients for interviews with numerous organisations including the HSE, City Councils, County Councils, Civil Service, Prison Service, Teachers and the OPW.

I hadn’t realised how competency questions were marked and how important it was to fully address all of the details outlined in each competency. It was a really useful session with Laura – we went over each competency a few times until I was happy that my answers were clear, tight and well punctuated.
Mark, Dept Foreign Affairs

Just to let you know I passed the interview and was placed 20th on the panel. Thanks a million for your help. You were a great help.
Bríd, Paramedic

Tips & Advice for Public Sector Interviews

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My only regret is not having gone earlier to Interview Techniques! I had been on the job market for over a year before going to Laura and was not sure where I was going wrong with my interviews.

Laura quickly saw where the problem was and she worked with me to fix it.

I got the first job interview I went to after our session.