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Why invest in a coaching session?

Everybody has their own reason for doing a one-to-one interview coaching session.

These can include:

  • Being frustrated seeing colleagues less capable than you getting promoted.
  • Knowing you’re really good at your job but not being able to express it.
  • Helping you understand what’s important to the hiring manager and tailoring your message accordingly.
  • Allowing you prepare for your interview in an efficient manner, getting the maximum return on investment on your time.
  • Being out of interview practice and wanting to deliver with impact on the first strike.
  • Overcoming nerves.
  • Figuring out what competency questions are all about.
  • Being able to stand out in a highly competitive environment.

Whatever your reason, here’s how I can help.

What’s involved in a coaching session?

I speak to you before the session to discuss your particular needs and what you’d like to achieve at the end of our time together.

I do a mock interview and offer you feedback to give you insight on how your answers land. I work with you explore the needs and expectations of the hiring manager, and based on this I’ll help you tailor your message to ensure you are delivering what they’re looking for.

At the end of the session you’ll understand what you are bringing to the table. You’ll be able to articulate what value you brought to your previous employers and paint a picture of how this will be of benefit to your new employer. You’ll feel confident and well prepared.

What specialist areas have I worked with?

Over the span of my career in recruitment I’ve worked with professionals across the following disciplines – finance, legal, human resources, aviation, logistics, sales & marketing, information technology and professional services.

Salary negotiation

I’ll guide you on how to research the company, what questions you should ask at the end of the interview and how to approach the salary question.

The more information you give me in advance of the session the better as this will help me research the role/company and run a sharply tailored session.

The Interview went well, I was happy as we’d covered most of the questions in our session. I got my strengths across well, and was able to answer unusual questions as I knew my CV inside out after out after our time together.  Thanks so much, you really gave me the confidence I needed for the interview.
Una, High Tech sector

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My only regret is not having gone earlier to Interview Techniques! I had been on the job market for over a year before going to Laura and was not sure where I was going wrong with my interviews.

Laura quickly saw where the problem was and she worked with me to fix it.

I got the first job interview I went to after our session.