HPAT Medical Interviews

For most school leavers, this will be the first interview you’ve done. As you’ve already invested so much in the process, it’s really important that you put in the necessary interview preparation to secure your place in medical college.

Most popular interview questions:

In these sessions, we’ll prepare you for the most common interview questions asked and help you understand what the interviewer is looking for. The interview panel will be assessing your motivation to become a doctor and will want to see that you have the qualities needed to become a good medical student – resilience, motivation and self-awareness.

Competencies required:

You’ll be probed on your team playing skills, your ability to deal with conflict, your communication skills and your ability to work under pressure. We’ll help you identify strong examples to illustrate each one.

Body language:

Eye contact, body language and personal energy are all important. By recording a mock interview, you’ll be able to see yourself through the eyes of the interviewer. On replaying the interview, we’ll point out what you’re doing well and areas that we can improve on, giving you tips how to present yourself in a confident manner.

Just got word that I’ve got my place in Trinity. That’s for your help, it really helped me be more focused in my interview and get across my desire to do medicine. I even remember to smile and keep eye contact!  Zoe

Tips & Advice for HPAT Medical Interviews

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My only regret is not having gone earlier to Interview Techniques! I had been on the job market for over a year before going to Laura and was not sure where I was going wrong with my interviews.

Laura quickly saw where the problem was and she worked with me to fix it.

I got the first job interview I went to after our session.