Finance/Accounting Interviews

Having worked in finance and accounting recruitment for over 20 years, I’ve an intimate knowledge of the sector and have worked closely with Heads of Finance and Human Resource Directors in sourcing excellent talent for their teams.

Talking their Language

In these interviews, it’s all about the bottom line. So when I’m helping you identify your strengths and achievements, I’ll be encouraging you to think about how your actions have brought value to the business – either through saving costs or increasing revenue. As your interview panel will be financially literate you’ll need to speak their language. The more you use specific examples, the stronger your interview will be.

Laura really understands finance. She asks the difficult questions and by probing me on my performance appraisals and project work I’d done, really helped me understand how I contributed to my last employer and why I was good at my job.
Rachel, Financial Controller


Each session is tailored to your own needs, but typically we’d cover the most popular interview questions asked and a number of competency questions.


For finance interviews, I’d suggest that you look at the company’s annual results and do some broader research in terms of current commercial activities they’re involved in.

Recorded Session

The session is recorded, performance critically assessed to identify where you perform well and to see which areas we need to strengthen and improve on.

Tips & Advice for Finance & Accounting Interviews

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My only regret is not having gone earlier to Interview Techniques! I had been on the job market for over a year before going to Laura and was not sure where I was going wrong with my interviews.

Laura quickly saw where the problem was and she worked with me to fix it.

I got the first job interview I went to after our session.